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1- lb. ground, organic, free range chicken

1- cup oatmeal

1- cup cooked brown rice

2- eggs

½- cup chopped onion

1- cup grated yam

1- cup grated zucchini, (after the juice has been squeezed out by the handful)

¼- cup ketchup

1- Tbsp. worcesteshire sauce

1- Tbsp. salt

¼- tsp. pepper

¼- tsp. chipotle

½ -tsp. oregano

3 Tbsp. olive oil for pan, each round of patties

Mix all ingredients together in Cuisinart.

Heat a large frying pan or skillet with olive oil on medium low.

Form into small tennis ball sized balls, then pat into a patty.

Place on heated oil and cook for 10 minutes on each side.

Turn carefully as they are soft and crumble easily.

Cool on a plate covered by paper towels.

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