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According UCLA HEALTH, "In the 1990’s, scientists discovered endocannabinoids, the natural cannabis-like molecules produced by the human body. Research initially suggested endocannabinoid receptors were only present in the brain and nerves, but scientists later found that the receptors are present throughout the body, including our skin, immune cells, bone, fat tissue, liver, pancreas, skeletal muscle, heart, blood vessels, kidney, and gastrointestinal tract. We now know this system is involved in a wide variety of processes, including pain, memory, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, immune function, and reproductive function. Endocannabinoids are arguably one of the most widespread and versatile signaling molecules known to man. Chil Wellness was developed by a friend of mine named Kevin Demeritt in answer to help treat the juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis that plagued his young daughter. The use of Nano technology helps increase absorption exponentially, reducing the need for quantity in lieu of absorbability. There are a handful of helpful products all infused with this highly absorbable Nano technology. Please browse and enjoy.

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Being a Melaleuca Preferred Member has its privileges. It introduces a new world of naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products to you, your home, and your family. And with over 400 unique products to choose from, shopping with Melaleuca is always filled with variety and options.

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