Holistic Health Consultation

   Complimentary 30 min 

COST- $80. value


Please contact me for a complimentary, half-hour consultation on the phone or virtually to see if holistic health counseling is the right style of support for you and if we are a harmonious fit.

Individual Health Counseling

1 - 55 min session

COST- $150.00


Individual sessions can be for immediate need or as additional support for your life, relationship and health goals. Enjoy the support you need to make some gentle, but powerful progress toward the life changes you have been wanting to make but, perhaps don't know how to or need some support and strategies!

Level-Up Transformation

4 -55 min sessions- 2 sessions a mo.

(= $145 per session- save $20)

COST- $290. a mo. for 2 months


If we start where we are and level-up from there, we can make practical and sustainable changes. Knowledge can only take us so far, but support and accountability can inspire lasting change. This package is for simple issues, to get started on weight loss, to learn the basics about how to navigate our modern day food supply and to look gently at the other areas of your life that may be affecting your health.   

Silver Package

 6- 55 min sessions-

2 sessions a mo. for 3 months

(Save $60.)

COST- $280 a mo. for 3 months


This package is personalized for your individual issues and tailored to your needs. Commit to a healthy life by transforming the sugar habit, deconstruct cravings, restore the digestive tract, learn self-care and get more proficient in navigating the modern day food supply and build your healthy habits..  

Gold Package

12- 55 min sessions -

2 sessions a mo. for 6 months

(Save $180.)

COST- $270. a mo. for 6 months

Completely personalized for your needs, goals, desires and a deep sense of proficiency over the modern day food supply. Enjoy the benefits of managing blood sugar and harnassing a fat burning metabolism, practice serious self care strategies, gain energy, stabilize weight, set and achieve goals, learn powerful communication skills, self-love and self-care at a whole new level.

Platinum Package

24 -55 min sessions-

2 sessions a mo. for 12 months

(Save $240.)

COST- $260.00 a mo. for 12 months

Become fluent in nutrition language, discover your most supportive way of eating, practice being present in a myriad of ways to grow a relationship with spirit or nature that fulfills you in the deepest place. Explore the nooks and crannies of your desires and create a plan to fulfill them. Implement sustainable, incremenetal steps toward your defined goals and practice Ninja communication skills.

Weekly Sessions 

1 Hour Per


24 hours

$125. per 1 hr. session

($125. per hour)

COST- $250.00

Bi weekly charge

for 6 months

2 Hours Per Week

24 hours

$240. per 2 hr. session

($120. per hour)

COST- $480.00

Bi weekly charge

for 3 months

2 Hours Per Week

48 hours

$230. per 2 hr. session

($115. per hour)

COST- $460.00

Bi weekly charge

for 6 months

3 Hours Per Week

36 hours

$330. per 3 hr. session

($110. per hour)

COST- $660.00

Bi weekly charge

for 3 months

3 Hours Per Week

72 hours

$315. per 3 hr. session

($105. per hour)

COST- $630.00

Bi weekly charge

for 6 months



Santa Monica

Los Angeles

Virtual & Phone Sessions Available