September 3, 2018

Looking outside myself for something that lives in me intrinsically,  can be like trying to fill a glass of water that is already full. 

Yet, looking outside my head to identify joyful things also gets my attention outside of the rat trap that my mind can be, and then I can witness other things that exist in the present moment and gain perspective. There is play, trees, birds, bees... and I can see how lucky I am.....

September 18, 2017

I remember going to Magic Mountain with my nephew Hunter for his 16th birthday. As we were standing in line waiting to get on the biggest rollercoaster, Goliath, he said to me, "Are you scared Aunty?"

I said,”No, all we are doing is standing in line.” 

Then as we got up to the platform he said to me," are you scared now Aunty?" And I said, “No, we are just standing on the platform." 

Then we sat in the car, and he looke...

July 31, 2017

Conventional thoughts are filled with judgments and assessments; they compare and contrast, they box and they file. These thoughts are designed to keep us safe. They are designed to make sure that we are smarter, tougher, more valuable and indispensible than the next person so that we will survive the pecking order.

Some of these thoughts beat us up and whip us for not being good enough, but I believe that they too, are trying...

June 14, 2017

Life can seem so very mysterious and unknown. In certain moments, the unknown can be seen as an adventure and exciting, in other moments the unknown may seem to be synonymous with an unpredictable lack of safety. I like the comforts of the "known," as do many. I like familiar music, knowing plans and having a schedule, having the route to my bathroom in the dark memorized, knowing my bills will be paid and how, and that my car...

May 19, 2017

Stress- causes mostly cortisol and other adrenal hormones to be released. Cortisol is the fight or fight hormone that provides more energy to the arms to fight and the legs to run. When the fight or flight hormones are released from the adrenal glands, they signal a need for extra energy to provide super hero strength. But, where does the body get extra energy from?

The energy is reconfigured from certain areas and systems of t...

April 24, 2017


The craving for sweets is a message. The body has biology and intelligence that is both innate and learned. Innately, we have cravings that help us meet some need. We have learned to meet some of those needs both correctly and incorrectly. Before processing plants and modern technology got ahold of our food supply, we had a handful of choices of foods to eat. 


When we were hunte...

September 28, 2015

I have collected many tools to heal the way I see and perceive the world, from complicated to simple.  Ho’oponopono practice has been a deeply appreciated addition to my spiritual healing toolbox.  Recently, I attended a seminar in Huna practice, (Ancient Hawaiian mysticism mixed with modern western psychology,) and it has healed a world of hurts. 

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian word, a practice and a philosophy...

December 13, 2012

GRATEFUL We've all heard that we should be grateful, and most of the time, perhaps we are.  We don't live in mud huts, we have clean, running water that comes to us in pipes right into our homes, we have shoes on our feet, beds to sleep in and a roof over our head.   COUNT OUR BLESSINGS Most of us have food in our belly's when we are hungry, which is more than we can say for too large a percentage of the populatio...

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