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It’s that time of year when food is on our minds. We’re anticipating sitting down at that holiday dinner jammed packed with yummy traditional eats. At the same time, there’s that thought at the back of our heads on how much we’re going to have to diet, too, come January First.


Well, believe it or not, you can have your cake and eat it too. If you like turkey with stuffing at your Thanksgiving table, go ahead and dig in. And you can have that piece of pumpkin pie without guilt, too…that is, if you know how to balance your food choices with the mindful techniques that will let you eat those foods without gaining weight.

We’re going to discuss the “how” of all this...

    • what ingredients to avoid

    • the one thing that will make you feel full and keep your foot intake down

    • why you should make “leveling up” part of your eating routine

    • as a bonus, I'll give you 4 healthy and easy-to-make recipes to add to our holiday feasts


Join Kelly Sullivan Walden and I for an intense conversation about our double pandemic. This is risky and imperfect but we try to talk about difficult things and bring light, healing and awareness in our crazy world.


I was fortunate to be interviewed by Voyage LA for a piece in MOST INSPIRING STORIES. What an honor. 




how to heal your heart from the inside

Jo-e Sutton, Holistic Health Practitioner, joins Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden,'s #1 bestselling author of "I Had the Strangest Dream."  Jo-e Sutton happens to be one of Kelly's dearest friends on the planet (they have silly nicknames for each other--you'll have to listen to find out!).  Jo-e and Kelly discuss how to re-direct your waking dream to unfold in an empowering, life-altering way.  




Kelly Sullivan Walden interviews and discusses part 2 of Dreamcrafting; how to re-direct your waking dream to unfold in an empowering, life-altering way.  

You can look at it as witchcraft, if you'd like...but, more accurately, it can be called Dream Craft--the art of crafting your ordinary life into the life of your wildest dreams! 




The Common Sense Psychic, Phyllis King, interviews Jo-e and her passion for food, health and life. Just listening to this interviews can transfer the excitement, from Jo-e to you. Get inspired and listen to how you too can level-up a few sustainable food and behavioral steps at a time to alter the trajectory of your life to a healthier destination.

Learn more about the Common Sense Psychic- Phyllis King at






Enjoy hearing the process, passion and personal commitment that inspired Jo-e's tagline, INSPIRING PEOPLE TO LOVE THEIR WAY TO HEALTH! Hear about the process of healing and awareness from a wounded healer herself! We are all on an intense journey on this planet, and as we each rise to awareness, we can help to inspire awareness in another. This is the process of healing. 





Interview with Matthew Engel

Imagine if you could find empowerment in your health through the right nutrition! Can specific foods help with particular ailments? How do you know what's right for you? How can you interpret and deal with food cravings? Is a gluten free diet healthier? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Jo-e Sutton.






Interview with Jo-e by Matthew Engel

How can you create the right strategy for self love, nutrition, wisdom and holistic health? How can you utilize these tools to tap into your most optimal self? What does human design theory have to do with all of this and how can it be integrated into your holistic wellness plan? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Jo-e Sutton about these vital matters and more.

Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt is an Intuitive-Channel, Therapist, Business Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Writer and Host of ITR. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: