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We believe that healthy friendships are the key to a fulfilling life. 

Our podcast explores our personal rules and tools of maintaining healthy friendships, which is explained through our

Friendship Formula...

Friendship Rules

Learn Our Friendship Formula for checking yourself, and your friend's behaviors to see where you can be responsible for the best relationship possible. 

Friendship Tools

Every relationship requires a set of tools to help navigate our relationship compass; to hammer out difficult ideas and to measure successes and where we fall short. Learn from our extensive tool box to support your cherished relationships. 

Friendship Jewels

If diamonds are made of heat and pressure, then it is from the challenges and breakthroughs that our relationships become the valuable assets they are capable of being. Learn to mine the gold and gems in your relationships. 


Meet your hostesses, Kelly Sullivan Walden and Jo-e Sutton, aka Marge and Betty

Join us, Kelly, (Large Marge) and Jo-e, (Itty Bitty Betty)

for a deep, fun, witty, silly ride of friendship adventure and deep curiosity

about how we make friendships and relationships flourish.

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