This manual is a quick and easy to understand guide to awesome change and thoughtful awareness to reduce the anguish, embarrassment, frustration and limitations associated with digestive health. 


It is the little things that count, and this book is chock full of little changes that make a big difference.


Acid reflux affects more and more people every day and is exacerbated due to an increase of foods that are processed, refined, spicy, and fast; congenital defects, alcohol, bacterial or fungal overgrowth. Add to that, stress that stimulates anxiety that deprives us of the luxury of chewing, digesting, enjoying and socializing. 


Learn valuable simple to apply techniques and strategies to navigate modern day digestive disorders and irritations. Improve the quality of your whole life with these ideas, as digestion is a vital key to your over all well being.

Enjoy 15 plant based, gluten free recipes while learning quickly and easily about how how to eat from the plant food kingdom.
Become fluent in the easy language of obtaining complete protein without having  to consume animal products and to ensure all your amino acids are being ingested.
We don't have to become a VEGAN like a religious convert. Learning to nourish ourselves with plants may increase our digestion, elimination, skin, energy, joy and health as we learn to add more plants and reduce the consumption of animal products
Learn to enjoy plant foods, the life and light they bring, and the information that may inspire you to love them and be amazed by their beauty and magic. 

Eating high quality foods can transform every cell of our bodies into high quality materials so that the body can do what it was designed to do, heal and regenerate itself!

Supportive thoughts and behaviors are primary acts of self-­love that allow for healing to take place.

This book is chock full of some unique and common sense perspectives that will inspire your excitement to add more loving foods, thoughts and deeds to your life, to harnass a more awesome life! 

Enjoy, learn, grow, eat, think and be a better person every day, by "loving your way to health" with vibrant food, thoughts and behaviors. 

This might just be the tool box you could use for the rest of your life to balance and course correct yoru own well being, when life blows us off balance. 

Thank you for loving your way to health!



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