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Breakfast doesn't have to be white bread, pancakes, muffins, bagels and eggs, preservative filled bacon, meats, gravy’s and sauces or sugary syrups that leave us sluggish and ready to crawl back into bed. Some of our favorite breakfast foods can be leveled-up to whole grain versions and sprinkled with plant life. Animal products can be leveled-up to humanely treated, free-range organic versions. They can be decreased in amounts while increasing live, phytonutrient rich, plant foods filled with energy, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protections and cleansing fiber.


Dips and sauces can add zing and flavor, fun and entertainment, nutrition and delight.  Making your own dips can be a great opportunity to use quality ingredients for everyday flavors that enhance flavors of foods, increase enjoyment and leave you feeling comforted that your "extras" can actually add nutrition to your diet, rather than steal from it.


Vegetables are nature’s miracles.  They are solar panels of sunlight; they are treasure troves of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fiber and phytonutrients in the form of what I call the “Anti’s.”  These Anti’s are antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-cancers, anti-aging, anti tumor, anti-disease, Pro-defenders of life.  Eat over half your plate full of vegetables to ensure health promoting, low calorie, satisfying nutrition that protects, fulfills and adds energy, light and life to your cells.


Little foods can deliver big flavor.  Some people call them appetizers, but I think that if you eat a couple of them, they can make up a satisfying and eclectic meal of many tastes.  


In our super sized world, little foods or appetizer sized plates may seem like deprivation.  This may be because we have been psychologically trained to think that bigger is better and more is even better than that.  Eat an eclectic variety of small foods, take small bites and chew well for maximum flavor, enjoyment and digestion.


Blended drinks of vegetables and fruits, especially greens, are an amazing way to add more living, raw, powerful foods into your diet, in an easy, fast and delicious way.


Enjoy more energy, lose weight, feel fuller, cleanse toxins, eliminate wastes, prevent disease, reduce cholesterol, reduce inflammation, oxygenate your blood and create a more alkaline PH so that viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus struggle to thrive. 


Salads are an amazing way to consume large amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and a rainbow of nutrients that help to keep the blood clean, the digestive system running, alertness, focus, mental clarity and levity.  Consider the smaller you chop your salads, the more raw nutrition you will consume.  The more raw nutrition you consume, the more you are eating the solar panels of sunlight that live in raw vegetation.  Sunlight will stream out of you.


Soups are a lovely way to catch all the nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals, liquid, fiber, and liquid medicine that can be eaten at any meal. Many people from other countries eat soup for breakfast. The prefix "sup" stands for soup, supper and supplement and can be a wonderful light meal for the evening, a supplement to a meal or eaten for breakfast. Soup can warm your belly, your heart, and your soul.     


Animal protein has been the subject of much controversy. Is it bad for us? Does it cause cancer? Is it ethically immoral? These questions and many others surround the topic of animal protein. I draw from my teachings when I think about what we all need to eat. Each body is different. For the bodies that eat animal protein, I always suggest to obtain it from humane farms, free range, organically and non GMO feed, wild caught sources. Giving thanks to the life, for providing you life, like the Native Americans do, and eating with joy and gratitude, I believe can help us with some of these questions. Eating small amounts are usually all we need, as the plant kingdom does provide much protein and it all adds up.  


Sweets make us feel sweet.  They remind us of celebration, abundance, birthdays, accomplishments, rewards and holidays. They can soothe a sour mood or calm a crunchy heart. We may crave them after a busy day, extensive physical exertion, after a salty meal or crispy encounter because sweet tastes make us feel sweet inside. Sweets can be a source of pleasure and nourishment if fresh and natural, or made with high quality ingredients and especially, when enjoyed throughly.

Take small bites!  Chew Well!  Enjoy!   

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