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In order to have whole life health, we need to have relative health in all areas of our lives.
  • Nutrition makes up every one of the 100 trillion cells of the body

  • Relationships and communication make up the heart of our existence

  • Exercise keeps the vessels, muscles and fluids healthy and the mind clear

  • Career provides our sense of safety, security and value

  • Spirit or Nature is a vital relationship that provides perspective of our size and place in the universe

  • Service and Play feed the soul and make life worth living


A relative balance in all these areas, are vital to have whole life health. We start with nutrition education; what is clean, wholesome, food, where do you get it, how do you prepare it or order it, how to read labels and understand the modern day food supply. Then, we work on how to transition, a little bit at a time from polluted, secular food to sustainable, healthy food.

We discover what foods work for your particular body type, how to increase a healthy metabolism, go longer between meals without being hungry, reach and maintain a healthy weight and decrease nagging symptoms that may very well be due to poor food materials or lifestyle choices.


Woven throughout the sessions are intimate conversations about habits, patterns and coping mechanisms that may be worn out or outdated. We consciously appreciate them and then upgrade to new, more helpful strategies that support current goals.


Most importantly, we look at the human condition, the one that can often be driven by the feelings of not being enough, or needing more IN ORDER to feel ok, good, worthy or lovable. This is where the deep healing takes place. As we look at these drives, we may find that we would like to change them or simply change the fuel or intention behind them. This deep healing releases much suffering and adds beauty to the process of life. 


I strongly believe that it is by cultivating self-love, that one has the strength to claim the vibrant, healthy, joyful life many of us say we want, but may not know how to accept. This is why the self-care and self-love aspect is so important to the healing process. 

CONTACT ME for a complimentary 30 min. consultation ($80. value)

Let's see if we're a harmonious fit and if I can inspire you to love your way to health.


It is an honor to be a recipient of a session with Jo-e. In addition to making the yummiest healthiest, vibrant feel good food, you will be in the presence of a true wise woman. You will be nurtured, educated and restored to wholeness. Her genius is delivering a menu of tools specifically and thoroughly designed for you. I always leave feeling so cared for. Your heart and soul will thank you...


Jenny K

Jo-e has done more for me than any health professional I've seen, combined.
She's played the roles of therapist, health counselor and life coach for me all at the same time. I was in one of my cycles of depression when I saw someone recommend her in a Facebook group. I've been seeing her for a year since then and my mental state and health have improved immensely.

Chris K

I  have had the great good fortune to know Jo-e for many years, first as a friend and then as a life guide. Initially I learned so much in our years of friendship just by watching how she dealt with her own life challenges, some of which were huge.  Then when I opened up to her guidance, which has always been simple, clean and from the heart, I learned so much more.



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