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Whole Food Cooking Class

Vegan Class $70. per person- Omnivore Class $80. per person minimum 6- maximum 15 (Price includes food)

Enjoy learning, socializing and eating. In our modern day world, getting many of our needs met all in one place is a great way to nourish ourselves on many levels. 


Learn to cook with high quality ingredients

Enjoy a variety of plant foods and humanely raised or wild caught animal proteins, (if you choose) 

Or learn to enjoy a complete plant based meal that provides all the nutrients you need as well as increased phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals and real sunlight nutrition.


Main Course

  • Organic, Free range, Moroccan chicken with prunes and olives

  • Sriracha honeyed filet of sole

  • Chicken apple sausage and zuchinni circles            

  • Teryaki honeyed tofu

  • Veggie burgers



  • Middle eastern green beans

  • Middle eastern peas

  • Roasted cauliflower, and/or broccoli, and/or Brussels sprouts

  • Tangy beet salad

  • Herb salad- tons of herbs and nutrients in a salad! Yummy.


Side dish

  • Emjedra- middle eastern rice and lentils with sautéed onions

  • Quinoa taboule salad

  • Baked sweet potato fries

  • Eggplant pizza

  • Coconut rice


  • Gluten free, vegan complete protein chocolate chip brownies

  • Gluten free, vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

  • Homemade hot fudge and soy, coconut or dairy ice cream

  • Gluten Free, vegan Berry cobbler

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