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Human Design Introduction

$80. per person minimum 8 people- 3 - 3 1/2  hours


Human Design combines the philosophies of East and West, mysticism and science; a synthesis of physics and biology with the ancient wisdoms of Kabbalah, I-Ching, astrology and the chakra systems. 


Human Design provides a framework for understanding your emotional and physical health, vulnerabilities and strengths. It stimulates connection, bridges communication gaps, dispels energetic discrimination and engenders effective strategies for greater understanding, respect, self-care and success.

Businesses, families, relationships and individual experiences are greatly improved by learning what their personal designs are and how they operate in the world. It teaches us how to find our inner guidance system that speaks to us in a specific language, and how to harnass our unique decision making process and most effective communication style. This type of information is liberating, as it takes the personal and makes it objective. Acceptance of who we are can make us free. This introduction gives further explanation into some of the basics of human design. The next step, a group, business, family, relationship or individual Human Design Reading. See the Human Design Group Reading Class or Individual or Relationship readings.  


An introduction to Human Design does NOT require the usual information necessary for a reading such as birthdate, birth time, birth place, (city, state and country.) However, the more advanced readings do require this information. 

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