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Human Design Group Reading

$150. per person- minimum 6- (maximum depends on space)

When each person's individual nature is valued and appreciated, rather than judged for being different or not "conforming" the tribe can work more cohesively.  


Acceptance, support and celebration of each others differences can make a profound difference in dynamic interactions. We all have vulnerabilities and weaknesses; Human design engenders compassion and patience. We all have strengths and Human Design helps us to harness them powerfully and understand the ups and downs of all aspects of our design. 


Even if you don't know the energy type of the people around you, this reading will help you to identify energy patterns and apply clear strategies to strengthen interactions with others in a powerful way. It can also help you to identify your best ways to hear the clearest guidance within you for decision making. It provides a language for your pain and dignity for your gifts and unique talents. We can't quite imagine the peace available until some of what we have been holding others to, and holding against ourselves, has been removed. Let Human Design reveal these paths to freedom.


This information is powerful and can reduce the pain of personalizing other people's behaviors, assist in detaching with kindness and communicating in someone's language so that they can hear you. Strengths and vulnerabilities of each members design are revealed to bridge communication gaps and stimulate connection.  


A Human Design Group DOES require accurate data.


   1. Birthdate

   2. Birth time

   3. Birth place, (city, state and country.)


If someone wants to participate and does not have this accurate information, please call or email me and I will research designs to see if it is possible to get a basic overview or not. People without accurate designs may still participate, however, it will be more general for them. The reading however, will provide enough information to do internal experimentation and get a sense of which design seems to most apply to them. Contact me to discuss whether or not I can give you a reading based on the information you have.

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