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Cost-   $350. number of participants based on space 

Time- 1 1/2 hours


Enjoy learning how to:


Understand food labels

Identify what is whole, real food and what are the imposters

Learn how to level-up current food choices with a healthier alternative

Understand where to get healthy ingredients 

Recognize safe produce to buy conventionally and which ones are toxic and should  be  purchased organic and non-gmo

Recognize what foods are not optimal to the body and how to avoid them 


With this understanding, enjoy the opportunity to:

Decrease fatigue

Increase energy 

Increase digestability of foods

Understand how to identify and have healthy elimination

Optimize the bodies ability to heal 


With handouts of these topics, learn the main nutrition basics and the Do’s and Don’ts of wellness. These are important, yet hidden truths about our modern day food supply. Knowing this information is vital to do our part in supporting our health and warding off the insults of modern day foods.

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