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W-holistic Health Class Series

This 12- week series will deeply explore our modern day food supply, our modern day lifestyle and stresses that profoundly affect our physiology, emotions and sense of purpose and value.  


This knowledge, applied one leveled-up step at a time, at each person's pace, may truly set the stage for sustainable change, improvement of health, energy, digestion, vibrancy and Mojo for a renewed vibrancy and joyful life.



   1.  What is w-holistic health?

   2.  What is healthy food?

   3.  Increasing plant foods to increase health

   4.  Mindful eating- The most delicious road to enlightenment

   5.  Interpreting Cravings- Using cravings as the alarm clock for the bodies needs

   6.  Drinking nature- Juicing vs. blending

   7.  Beating the sugar blues

   8.  Fat is NOT bad

   9.  Superfoods- small quantities of food that pack a concentrated amount of nutrition

  10. Centering and Calming- paving the road for healing

  11. Tai Chi movements- basic movements to create centeredness- most of us

        are racing to a future, but our lives are in the present moment where most of us

        don't know how to reside. Use basic Tai Chi moves to practice presence.  

  12. Class feast- everyone makes a dish and we celebrate, eat mindfully and use joy as


     $300. automatic weekly                   Single payment of $3300.

       charge- for 12 weeks                           (savings of $300.00)

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