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In the past, when I would wake, I would often land into a body still lingering from painful joints, muscles, and nerves from illnesses, injuries, surgeries and consequences of activities from the day before. Following pain, might be depressing thoughts and a brain seeking peace but finding noise.


It was like opening my eyes from a sweet dream into a body that had been run over by a truck or car, or having been hit be a baseball bat on some days, or just a wooden spoon, on others. To top it off, it sounded like a few radio stations were blaring in my head.


Body illness and pain issues this lifetime have fueled my passion and desire for learning, wellness, vibrancy and healing techniques. Perhaps I am healthier now than I ever was, and this is due to truly practicing self-care and “Loving My Way To Health.”


Rituals help to keep us awake from the density of being humans on this earth. With ritual, we can have some power over what kind of day we are going to have. That doesn’t mean bliss every day, as this planet is dense and not the easiest to be on. Sometimes the only power we can exert is to have acceptance over our sadness, grief, loss, and fear. Sometimes, wrapping our arms around “WHAT IS,” is the best way to have a peaceful day.


"I believe that our peace is directly proportional to the speed with which we accept what is."


Using our imagination can help us to declare meaning for ourselves and to imbue our days with it so that life’s obstacles and challenges don’t feel like senseless suffering.


Many techniques, tools and strategies often need to be practiced in order for us to "stay awake" to the truth of who we are. Based on the laws of physics, the first law of thermodynamics states that “energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, only transformed.”


Humans are made of systems, organs, tissues, molecules, cells and atoms. Atoms are energy particles that are made of 99.9999999% space and .0000001% matter. We are energetic beings that have never been created and cannot be destroyed; we can only be transformed. If we believe in the laws of physics, even if we don’t believe in a spiritual God, we can align ourselves in the truth of our immortal nature and reduce fear and the actions that stem from fear. This reduction of fear-based living may give us the ability to actually get in touch with the unique nature of ourselves, our passions and mission and to begin to express it to the world. 


Rituals help us to stay awake to this nature and act as touchstones and alarm clocks to stay awake and on-task in our lives. They help us to sit with the many changing seasons of our nature and have some stability in our souls or inner sense of self. They help to fill up our inner "spiritual tank" to start our days with presence and strength.

These rituals, when used as the foundation of our days, can be pillars on which we build a strong life and presence so that our “will” and “shadows” don’t race off in reactivity and fear, without us. Not to say that they don’t try and succeed sometimes or often, but eradication of fear is not the goal. A healthy relationship with fear, as an alarm clock to remind us to center ourselves, is. Working-out in, what I call the “CONSCIOUSNESS GYM” helps us to stay consciously awake longer and longer each day.


I believe that the road to enlightenment is one in which we grow our ability to hold our memory of who and what we are, longer and longer each day. This diminishes our fear of death, of feeling “not good enough” and of the need to race, prove and accomplish more in order to feel worthy of love or a good life.


  • What if we could be productive with faith and grace in our movements?

  • What if we were present with ourselves as we travelled our day, as best as we could for longer and longer moments each day?

  • What could that provide?

  • Could it provide peace?

  • Could it provide joy?

  • Could it provide fullness and the ability to be of service?

  • Would it clear space for creativity and intimacy?

  • How many minutes a day could you invest in some rituals to help harness and grow this presence?

Would you like to join us for an intimate group to practice some consciousness rituals?

I will provide the guidance, support and structure in a loving environment.

You bring your open heart, your willingness, bravery and support for yourself and others.

Together, we will keep each other awake.

Minimum 8 people

1 1/2 hours

$75. per person- Contact me with your interest.


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