The Downlow On The Upflow- Stop Getting Burned By Acid Reflux and Angry Digestion


This manual is a quick and easy to understand guide to awesome change and thoughtful awareness to reduce the anguish, embarrassment, frustration and limitations associated with digestive health.


It is the little things that count, and this book is chock full of little changes that make a big difference.


Acid reflux affects more and more people every day and is exacerbated due to an increase of foods that are processed, refined, spicy, and fast foods; congenital defects, alcohol, bacterial or fungal overgrowth and time crunches that shut down digestion and deprive us of the luxury of chewing, digesting, enjoying and socializing.


Learn valuable simple to apply techniques and strategies to navigate modern day digestive disorders and irritations. Improve the quality of your whole life with these ideas, as digestion is a vital key to your over all well being.


Thank you for loving yourself to health!

Downlow On The Upflow- Stop Getting Burned By Acid Reflux And Angry Digestion




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