We're getting more eco-friendly with our reusable grocery bags, now lets drop the plastic ones we put our veggies in and replace them with washable muslin. These bags prevent excess moisture and mold, so they keep food fresher for longer. Take them with you to the grocery store and your local farmer's market and spread smiles along the way.


Most plastic bags contain BPA3 which has been linked to cancer, and should not touch the foods we eat. 


These bags are crafted from natural muslin and are emblazoned with the famous SMILE CLUB logo. There are two sizes.  8 x 10 and 10 x 13"                               

These bags were created by the pioneer and founder of OUR SMILE CLUB, Madaline Weber, who's mission is to inspire people to join her in...



With her signature Smile Cards delivered with love, hugs and blessings given to over 6500 people around the world, Madaline is now extending her mission to encourage health and eco-friendliness by making these beautiful bags to hold healthful foods, with love.   

8 x 10" bundle of 3 bags

Smaller bags are perfect for avocados, tomatoes, apples and oranges, lemons and beets...

Fill em up and take em home. Better yet, give them as a gift, full of nature. 

$14.99 + $4.50 shipping and handling

10 x 13" bundle of 3 bags

Larger bags hold long veggies, like romaine, celery, kale, chard and long parsley.

Fill it up with lots of fruits, bundles of living veggies and know that they came from nature.

They hold nature and will return to nature, through you. 

$16.99 +plus $4.50 shipping and handling

8 x 10" bundle of 3 bags and 10 x 13" bundle of 3 bags combo

Save the planet, remember to smile, be healthy, wrap your produce in nature and support


Healing Our World One Smile At A Time!

This package bundle makes a great gift to yourself or a friend.

Fill it with love and nature and deliver healing and nourishment to the people you love. 

$29.99 + $4.75 shipping and handling

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