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Classes are fabulous ways to get connected to others and to use our social settings to support healthy change. Our communities and rituals around food, communication and behaviors are very powerful. One of the best ways to level-up health in our lives is by increasing awareness in numbers. Use classes to have fun, get connected, practice safe intimacy and learn with friends, colleagues, family and/or students. Classes can be creatively formed for parties, celebrations, creative events, social gatherings, work retreats, business/health education, schools, support groups, family awareness, self reflection or just for fun.

Please check in with me to design lectures or classes created just for your friends, group, class, work gathering, or event. I have many classes not listed here with numerous topics from cooking, to relationships and communication, personality typing through the Human Design System, to exercise and mindfulness courses. I look forward to connecting with you and creating the class that suits your needs. 


Relationships occur with everyone we come into contact with. We are often at the effect of others behavior and we allow it to inform how we feel and behave. This class is designed to change our REACTIONS to RESPONSES. This class is not for the faint of heart, it is not for anyone who wants to stay in blame or be a victim. This is a class for the person who wants to take Radical Self Responsibility for their experience in life. 

We will proceed in this class by the assumption that the world and people in it reflect to us what we need to learn. We will look at our lives like a Jungian dream, that all the people in it are reflections of some aspect of ourselves and that we must learn a healthier way to see, accept, embrace and transform that which is us, in order for us to have a better and more satisfying experience of life. 

We will celebrate our imperfections, embrace our shadows, fall in love with our short comings, make room for a life of learning and expect nothing more of ourselves than that we level-up our awareness and celebrate all our progress. 


2 hours- $75 per person (minimum of 6 people- (additional fee for driving depending upon the distance) Rituals help us to keep our center. In modern day life, we can get caught up in fear, in the stress of survival, obstacles and challenges that can steal our joy. We use ritual to help to keep us centered in the faith that we are a part of a large natural cycle and that we can be peace and gratitude filled, in the center of it all. This class provides tools, strategies and rituals to keep us awake in the density of life.

Ritual Classes are a great way to gather your personal friends to have a deeper connection and support for sharing in a group setting. Setting up a series of classes for once a month with your personal circle is an amazing gift that bonds friends on a deep spiritual level of communication, self responsibility and sacred connection. 


$350. 1 1/2 hours.  Number of people is dependent upon space

(No food at this class-  Flyers and handouts included)

Learn the main nutrition basics and the Do’s and Don'ts of wellness. These are vital, yet often hidden truths about our modern day food supply.

Knowing this information is primary to do our part in supporting our health and warding off the insults of preventable diseases.


12 class series at $300 per class 1 hour each class or 

$3300.00 one time fee includes a savings of $300

Number of participants dependent upon space.

Our modern day foods have been drastically altered and have moved far away from nature. As we have lost touch with nature's food and rhythms, a host of preventable diseases have unnecessarily ensued. In this case, knowledge is power, vibrancy, health and great financial and emotional savings. This class series is an armory of protection, prevention and tools for reversing or diminishing many modern day diseases. Through a series of classes that build upon themselves, educate about the modern day food supply, offer suggestions, sustainable practices and incremental changes, eyes will be open to many ways to offer health insurance for unnecessary disease. 

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